Saturday, January 29, 2011

Skinny Women With Big Boobs

Devine in Orange Free State

Today, I walked Rue des Archives, then I heard screams ... full of cries. has to believe in a remake of the music video Kids! In fact, I passed in front of the No. 69 street. And this time, residents of this land of libertinism olfactory were full games.

How to tell? I entered the store, everything was colorful. Norman the carpet on the ground was littered with blue cards to the spiral pattern clearer. A huge box hanging around on the black table in the back of the room. The posters all the more colorful than the others seemed to make winks. Books to taste ... particular chattered in unison and harmony pleasing child. Vials were ringing their steps on the staircase black and one in particular is eagerly looked in the mirror (some Whore of Palaces ).

paper airplanes yellow, pink, green or blue flying in all directions. I closed the door quickly.
Outside: no noise.

A penalty j'entrouvais again opening 69 that everything was resuscitated in the neighborhood!
A pure madness.

Then I know I am sometimes slow to relax, I asked what they were doing in that childish atmosphere and perky ...

observe and analyze: the flasks have a kind of paper a little yellowed clumsily taped by a tape which oscillates between life and death. In each of these pieces of paper inscribed with the name of an object, animal, place, etc. ... And for them to guess. I sit in the comfortable red sofa, and I look ...

Magnificent Obsession - Okay, guys, who starts? It is not everything, but I have blood in the oven ... Then do not waste your breath for anything

Carrion , mocking - Immediately big words!
The bottle stands, watching me in the corner and begins his series of questions.
Well, is it that I'm an animal?

Rossy - Yes, but not that ...

Carrion, too happy to be live on the right track - Aaah ... I'm in cold environments? Not really. Ok Huuum. I'm an insect! Either. A decaying corpse? A Scavenge? Not even a small frame? Decidedly ...

Praise From Traitor , malicious - You fly;)

Fat Electrician - Okay, you there! The traitor! I beg you not to hit in the back by helping others. A Carrion : Continue.

Carrion - I steal ... That's interesting! "But not that." Ok I'm in heaven? Ah! I heat! Well ... Is that the sky is composed of something else? Huh? There is something else. Ok, so it would be a kind of symbolic background?
Rossy - not get too excited ... it's just a particular fund

Carrion - Wait wait wait! Reattach all the pieces! I am a seagull on a blue background with black studs! But yes! Speaking at his indoles : yes girls, I'd forgotten! Who's next?

A thud is heard. Putain des Palaces is, which - again - broken her compact! She smiled, a little pitcher.
Palaces of Hell, embarrassed - ^ ^ Uh ... my turn? So, I'm an animal? Silence. To see your heads, no. Listen guys ... I've never been good at this kind of game! She puts her heels pink rhinestones in place and slides her nail varnish ... Especially in her long hair dyed a few sequins. She starts crying . You're all good about yourself! Me, I'm just an ordinary compact plastic on the edges, with a connotation yucky!
olfactory assistance, in chorus - Uh ....

Rossy, the taking his arm - Girl, you just find more! You were a compact time of Qin Shi Huangdi! A collector's item! You know, you have nothing to envy to Ombre Rose, for you are truly unique! Come on, just give me a hug =)

Toreros Blank - Good ... my turn here? Yeah ... well it tells me She burst a bubble of chewing gum blue Carrion. Is it OK that I am an object? No. Noted. An animal? Still no? You want my hand on his gu ... war is a way to defeat. Good. A place? Won. Lack of enthusiasm serious . Cool cool. Super. A charming place? So common. Yes, common. In town? Oh no ...

Magnificent Obsession - It's there, you play not just himself?

Virgins and Toreros , falling not even notice - A place to campaign, then? Ok A common place in the country? I might say something stupid ... Notions of work? No. Fun then? Yes! Trite + campaign + fun ... uh ... a campsite?

Magnificent Obsession, jaded - Ouiiiii! Bravo ! Now you have the right to your explanation, then it was the turn of Huge Navel (still busy to admire him, I tell you not to hang the ordeal piece of tape!).

Virgins and Toreros - Pleasant St. pray for us. Camping then? Yes, a certain smell of air mattresses, grass, small heater and nature (still!). I agree.

Navel Huge , eloquent - Hum hum .... I can? Good. Well if I could know God, the gentle allegory of my being ...

Tilda - Er ... you we did in my French pretty?

Huge Navel-Oh! I always feel belittled you, poor mortals face my infinite beauty! I see such a beautiful season extended in the space of this unstable world of illusions!

Tilda , ironic - You'll laugh, but you're not that far away, O beau ...

Nothing doing air guitar, through the "game room", without even paying attention to other

Navel Huge , contemptuous - My god ... Go play in the countryside so full the eternal void that your artistic soul tends to share with us!

Tilda - Won! You are an endless campaign! Too strong, young bottle;)

Navel Immense, shocked - But, but, but! Oh! And the deuce!

Tilda - it's my turn! Is what I'm a Celebrity? (Silence in the audience ). Well, it was going to laugh ... Band of vegetables!

True Blonde, are doing a manicure with a product that stinks - Nan but still ... uh ... you're too strong! chuckles . Every time you see the first time! Oh ( going hand in her long blonde hair, natural course as hue)

Tilda , determined - Good. Is what I am a place? Yes!? Cool then! I am a famous place or intimate? A monument?

Jasmin & Cigarettes , spitting out a puff of white tobacco - Listen darling, say that you lean more on intimacy (breathes a breath again fatal)

Tilda - Eh eh! I walk! Is it is a place that everyone (I know, I speak badly but it's not easy!) or rather a rather exclusive place?

I Am Woman - Bah ya know darling, it's actually the second class that! Huh? A antihero and Fat Electrician : Hey guys, there's another redhead who s'demande c'quelle if it is of vital or luxury! I answer him going to see? ( thunderous laugh redneck ). Nan j'déconne! ( Tilda contemptuous silence ), you're not really in need.

Tilda - My God! It is not made! A secondary site personnel ? I am a home? Oh I heat! Is what I'd be a second home? Yes, but more accurate! Uh ... I do not know me. I'm a holiday? A vacation? No. An OK house weekend? No. Eh beh my old ... A childhood home?
Delicious Closet Queen
- It's not too soon my pretty. I'm sure you can be even more precise! To adjust a scarf pink feathers on the shoulder and will enter the discussion with Jasmin & Cigarettes and Bendelirious.

Tilda - Ah! Cool then! I am a childhood home! In the mountains? No. To the sea? Nor, decidedly. In the countryside? Won! Oh yes! I'm a country house of a child who goes out into the garden! I have all good! Yiha!

Divin'Enfant - And myself in the role of the child! Is not it sprouts? Makes a kiss on the cheek to Tilda. Good. Is what I am an animal? No. Well. A place? scratching the back of the head. Still no . I remember once when I screamed in the street as "NO THIS IS NOT A PROPER PLACE" then I'm gone from this place.

The full Assistantce is flabbergasted.

Virgins & Toreros - But it is completely discarded this one!

Divin'Enfant - Hey! I'll tell my mother! But it was not because you listen to me! Good. I am an object then? Not really ... ok. Oh I'm lost! I am ... Dining? Yes? Ouiiiii!! Aah! I'm pretty sweet or salty? Mellitus. And I just hope you will not go into the cliché of the small child who loves marshmallows!

I Am Woman - marshmallow is your mother. A antihero and Fat Electrician : Hey! Guys, did you saw THE reply J'lui that I sent? Mouah ah ah!

Divin'Enfant - Actually I think it's not really me the boy in the story ... but hey! Pass! I'm edible, so. Mellitus. Uh, very sweet? Yes, anyway. Not see that much?

Jasmin & Cigarettes - But look, darling, since you said so!

Divin'Enfant - Ok Ok Good. Is it good? Instead. So much the better ... I have found in bread? Or more candy? Ah! I'm not a candy, but a work of baking bread. In more personal you say! A pastry home then! Ok .. tape in his hands. Good: a blank? mellow? an apple pie? a badge? charlotte? meringue? a ... what? A meringue! But more precise ... What changes in merignue home?? Oh yes! I found it!! Meringue a bit overdone!

Tilda , euphoric - Choupinette Bravo! You have found! My dear, everyone found it! Hoping the next time that our other colleagues will play the game more turbulent in their turn! It is not everything, but I have a pumpkin on fire;)


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